What is ACP ?

When overseas sellers want to sell on Amazon FBA Japan, Amazon Japan won't be the importer.  Seller need to find an importer by themselves. 
If they cannot find importer by themselves, either ACP (Attorney for Customs Procedures) or Import of Record is needed. ↓SOLUTION ALISPED JAPAN will be Seller‘s ACP (Attorney for Customs Procedures) and arranging clear customs & Delivery to Amazon FBA warehouse in Japan. 

Pls note:ALISPED JAPAN will be only ‘’Attoney of duty & tax in Japan instead of Seler’’.
It means Seller has obligation duty & tax in Japan.

Amazon FBA Business Flow


・Under DDP terms
・Seller must issue invoice for customs. Invoice value as final selling price currency in JPY.
・Pls arrange ‘’Item & delivery labeling for Amazon FBA’’ by origin.
・Pallet material : must not use wooden pallet (plastic is OK)
・Pallet Max dimension : @ 110 x 110 x 150 cm ( L x W x H )

We are unable to act as SELLER’s ACP for the following products

・Medical devices 
・Cosmetic products 
・Food products 
・False brands, etc 
・Electrical products that require direct AC power supply
・And any items prohibited under Japanese law


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Feel free to contact us for further details if needed!